Coding in Style

Last week I re-gave my Scala 2.10 talks from Scalathon at both Twitter and Foursquare. While the talk still needs some more info in places, I figure it's a good helper for folks interested in 2.10.0, and now that we're in RC phase, even more relevant.

Coding in Style - Scala 2.10 features

This talk covers some basic scala style guidelines for what is emerging as 'canonical' Scala code in the standard library, as well as how styles are altering based on new Scala 2.10 features.

Some of these features are considered 'obscure' or 'non-standard', I still try to cover what they are and how best to use them. Some features, like Dynamic types, are considered dangerous and require a language import. I'd probably save those for a dynamic setting, such as using the Scala REPL for compiling/running your configuration, where runtime is fail-fast and won't affect correctness of production.

Other features are still experimental, like the Scala reflection library and macros. Here, I try to cover some example use cases, as we're trying to elicit feedback for a final design.


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